Today I dress myself for life:

- I arise and shine out of sleep and slumber
because the glory of the Lord has risen upon me.

- I wash myself in the blood of the Lamb,
so that I am cleansed from sin.

- I allow the Lord to sanctify me
with the washing of water
by the Word of God.

- I cleanse my mouth
by speaking blessing
and choosing life today.

- I use the eye-salve of the Lord
to correct my vision,
so I see as the Lord sees.

- I pour the balm of Gilead
into my heart to heal all wounds,
so that I can forgive
those who have wronged me.

- I take in the oil of joy
to bring me out of all mourning,
and give me strength for today.

- I put on the garment of praise
and I throw off
the spirit of heaviness.

- I strengthen my knees
so that they are no longer feeble
and I lift up holy hands to the Lord
without wrath and doubting.

Today I Dress Myself for Life
© Grace Philip, 1999
used by permission